3 Ideas Every Kitchen Must Have

1. The Tin-Tile Backglass

This clever project can cost you less than $100. It involves adding ceramic tiles on the part of the wall immediately above the level of the water sink but not beyond the cabinets and woodworking.

The tiles should be dull colored (you can use tiles with your favorite color) and should alternate with similarly colored tin tiles. The product is a beautiful looking kitchen interior.

2. Make use of the whole wall space

There tend to remain spaces between kitchen racks, cabinets, and the chopping areas. You can utilize these areas to full use by hanging your pans and other utensils.

3. Incorporate furniture

If there is a space in the kitchen, you can purchase old classy vintage furniture and let them beautifully lay there. You can perch there with your fruit salad once in a while if you don’t have the moods of using the dining room.

4. Modern appliances

If you want your kitchen to look it’s absolute best then you need to make sure that you keep up with the trends and get modern appliances. These could include but are not limited to stove, microwave, oven, mixers, juicers, and more. The modern and simplistic look is by far the best one for any kitchen. You can go and look at your local store for ideas or shop online if you know what you want.

4 Important Cordless Power Tools You’ll Ever Need In Your DIY

1. Critter Siphon Gun Paint Sprayer

There are many paint sprayers in the market but few of them beat Critter Siphon Gun. This sprayer is small and inexpensive. It is effective for painting furniture, cabinets and other small spraying projects. It uses pint-sized mason jars as the paint reservoir making them highly convenient. Typical spraying exercise involving cabinets and furniture can consume just two or three jarfuls of paint. This way, the need to frequently stop the exercise and refuel is significantly reduced. If some of your paint remains, you can simply store it to use it later by just popping the lid. There is no cord attaching it to an external paint source.

2. DeWalt 20Vmax Jigsaw

It’s a must have cordless tool for DIYers. DIYers use jigsaws to cut circle fretwork panels and frames meant to be fitted on scalloping surfaces. It provides an alternative solution if you wish to spend less money on a quality jigsaw.

3. EasyImpact 1200 cordless drill

It is an efficient Lithium-ion battery powered drill for drilling, screw driving, and impact drilling the wood. The 2-speed gearbox can produce great work for your DIYer needs. Other advantages that come with this divide include Electronic Cell Protection, charge level indicator, and forward/reverse indicator a keyless chuck complete with an Auto-Lock

4. Fuel Cell Powered Paslode Framing Nailer

This is one of the most impressive nail guns in the market. It is powered by a fuel cell hence cordless. It is relatively cheap going at below $200. It produces great jobs involving remodeling projects on decks, fence buildings, and sheds. It can flawlessly drive 2 inch and 3/1/4 inch nails into the softwood. This quality makes it handy for fixing floors, window frames, and doors among other DIY jobs at your home. A single fuel cell can drive home utmost 1,200 nails and at least 4000 nails when the fuel cells are charged to the maximum.
Unlike other nailers that are bulky and heavy, Paslode Framing Nailer weighs just less than 5 pounds and can be easily used tirelessly by most adults.

Methods of window cleaning

I will be honest: I hate the cleaning of windows, awnings, and blinds. Maybe that’s why over time I have developed different techniques so that they are clean like a whistle without too much effort, tricks that I now share with you in this article.

Unfortunately, I still have not found one that is miraculous enough to allow me to clean windows, awnings, and shutters comfortably lying on the sofa, but everything will go away.

Window cleaning

Window cleaning; Well, better not mess it up.
There are many different techniques and tricks to clean windows. I have tried almost all of them, and although there are none perfect, some I like more than others.

Wipe and glass cleaner

Cleaning the windows with rag and glass cleaner is the basic method, the usual way to go. It has the advantage that it is easy and fast, although the results tend to leave something to be desired, especially if the window is especially dirty. If instead of a cloth we use kitchen paper, the results improve, since the paper absorbs the excess liquid and avoids that there are traces in the glass, although on the contrary, it is less ecological.

This is the method that you will use with blinds as well. How often do blinds need to be cleaned? That depends on how dirty they get.

Water and ammonia

Using water and a small amount of ammonia for cleaning windows is probably the best discovery in the field of cleaning, along with the invention of the mop. A sponge is used first to spread the mixture, and then we can remove it using a glass cleaner (like cleaning the car’s glass) or again with a cloth or paper.

In this way, the crystals become more transparent and there is no mark of the cleaning water. Also, and this is just my impression, it seems that the fingers leave less mark for a while.

With steam

I saw this technique used by my father at home to clean the windows that separated the living room from the terrace, which used to be my torment when I was still living there. Using the appropriate accessory of the “evaporate” (the widest and finest), you get a pretty good result with very little effort, and it is especially indicated if the glasses are very dirty or there is a lot of surfaces to clean.


-Machines as artists – Artists against machinic standards- Full screen robovision-

Machinista 04 – a contemporary preview of the future, forged by wo/man and machine into a dizzy brew of bleeding edge art / science / politics and youth culture, originating from an atypical Scottish-Russian collaboration.

Machinista 04 – a harmonious cacophony of events showcasing innovative technology and various interpretations of artifice and reality, from a host of visual and software artists, scientists, designers, filmmakers, musicians and performers. A stimulating journey through worlds present and future, accessible to both uninitiated and acclimatised, technophobe or geek.

This unique festival respects no national or cultural boundaries, and seeks to challenge the societal norms which govern both perception and practice of interaction between wo/man and machine. The race is on to wrench new meaning from the technology which surrounds us, to create nodes of interest which will soar above the banality of automatic everyday life. Prepare to have your mind thrust into the outer reaches of feasibility, where you will savour the glorious taste of algorhythmic ejaculata, before being spat back out into the unfamiliar present of a malfunctioning dystopia.

The first Machinista in 2003 attracted worldwide attention to one of Russia’s most mysterious cities. Machinista 2004 takes this a step further – the original Russian organisers have joined forces with alternative underground groups and major international venues in Glasgow – one of Europes most culturally dynamic cities. Machinista is brought to you by clubrunners, music promoters and theatre producers collaborating with curators, scientists and inventors.

Machinista will entertain, shock, enlighten, provoke,educate and assist those who attend in a number of ways.
Machinista’s audience will interact with intelligent systems, become lost in multi sensory environments, applaud the performances of sentient machines and experience fascinating representations of the robotic worldview.

Machinista accepts that the priviliged position of creative genius is under direct attack: machines that are self-aware challenge typical bourgeois western notions of what an artist or an inventor is.
Many experts predict that technological evolution will inevitably lead toward fuller, if not total integration of human with machine. We often take for granted the dependencies that have only been formed comparitively recently, and can forget that our relationship with technology is effectively already creating a third form situated somewhere between wo/man and machine. Whether people in the future will be able to upload their personas into low-maintenance hardware and live for thousands of years or not is open to speculation.

Machinista questions as well as celebrates such ideas – and provides ways and tools for our species to assert itself in the face of the potential obsolesence

The Machinista festival celebrates artificial intelligence in the arts, presenting an international selection of works where Artists and Machines explore their changing roles within the creative process.

The first Machinista in 2003 featured:
– over 120 artists/filmmaker/programmers on the festival website and CD ROM.
– offline events in Moscow and Perm City in the Urals.

Machinista 2004 is set to be an even more significant event.

Machinista 2003 is at http://www.machinista.ru/en
Machinista 2004 is at http://www.machinista.org

Venues involved in Machinista Glasgow 7 – 9 May 2004 include
* Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA)
* The Arches
* The Chateau
* The Warehouse