3 ideas for your kitchen

1. The Tin-Tile Backglass

This clever project can cost you less than $100. It involves adding ceramic tiles on the part of the wall immediately above the level of the water sink but not beyond the cabinets. The tiles should be dull coloured (you can use tiles with your favourite colour) and should alternate with similarly coloured tin tiles. The product is a beautiful looking kitchen interior.

2. Make use of the whole wall space

There tend to remain spaces between kitchen racks, cabinets, and the chopping areas. You can utilise these areas to full use by hanging your pans and other utensils.

3. Incorporate furniture

If there is a space in the kitchen, you can purchase old classy vintage furniture and let them beautifully lay there. You can perch there with your fruit salad once in a while if you don’t have the moods of using the dining room.

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