Thursday 29th April:
Machinista foyer exhibition@ The Arches
17:00 – 19:00, free

The Machinista shortlisted entries revealed and displayed alongside prints by glitch artist Beflix-Tony Scott(UK) and ascii painter Idealword-Enrique Radigales (SP).

Thursday 6th May:
Machinista 2003 review@ CCA
19:00 – 20:30, Free

Sergey Teterin, Danya Lebedev, Danja Vasiliev, Sonia Mavzalevskaya.
A multi-media presentation from the organisers of the first Machinista Festival. View the key works and hear how artists from Perm brought worldwide attention to a new festival.
Presentation: Movie Mincer (S.Teterin 2004), an old soviet mincer used as a laptop-connected device to manually generate video streams.

Friday 7th May:
Festival Opening @ CCA
17:30 – 20.30, free

Category supervisors’ review of highlights from the 2004 online exhibition:
Art from the Machine: Gleams of the Inhuman
– James Coupe (UK) + Roman Arefiev (KAZ) 
Artists Against Machinic Standards

– Maria X (UK) + Rustam Sabirov (RU)
Full Screen Robovision
– Vadim Epstein (RU) and David Bernard (UK)

Saturday 8th May:
Machinista Seminar @ Glasgow Science Centre
17:00 – 20:30, free admission but limited capacity

email for reservations

AI, A-Life & artistic practices discussed by the Machinista platform contributors:
Teresa Dillon (Nesta Futurelab), Josh Hale (Glasgow Uni), James Coupe (South Bank Uni) Dr Ciaran Wills (R & D, Framestore CFC), Adam Nieman (Nesta Futurelab) and Sergey Teterin ( Machinista founder)
Arrive early for a breathtaking visual 3-D presentation by the Science Centre‘s Virtual Science Theatre team.

Sunday 9th May:
Street Performance @ secret city-centre location14:00 – 15:00, free

Richair 2030 (UK/USA/TWN/RU/LAT/AUS) : renegade rollergirls take over the streets for a live audiovisual performance in this wireless post-netcrash scenario.

Wind & solar powered sound system by Ray-Mundo.

Sunday 9th May:
FOSS Cafe @ Mono 15:00 – 17:30, free

a meeting point and workshop for the Free Open Source Software community organised by Simon Yuill.

Monday 10th May:
Freenetwork DIY antena workshop@ CCA
14:00 – 18:00, Free

By performance artists and Freenetwork activists
Speakers:James Wallbank (Lowtech), Bob Kerr(ELUG), Lawrence Liang (Alternative Law Forum- India)

Friday 7th May:
8-bit Cabaret @ CCA
22:30 – 03:00, £5

Audio and video artists against machinic standards return to the lo-tech aesthetics of blocky ASCII graphics and crunchy digital sounds, typical of C64 & ZX Spectrum 8-bit processors.

Audiovisual sets by:
Videohometraining (NL / USA) :
2-D micromusic & AV gameshow
Viewmysourcecode + Spoonbender (UK) :
robotic biofeedback synchro mix in 8-bit AV
Mr Electron (UK) :
distorted dinner party muzak for androids
Ignorant (UK) :
experimental needles meets gameboy
Idealword (SP) :
Enrique Radigales’ Copyleft ASCII image environment
Terra Rotatum (UK) :
Peter Hofer’s spinning TV & camera relativity sculpture

ScreeningsMachinista DVD,
Georg Muehleck, the C-Men, Notendo, Beflix

Sound system / audio engineering by Mungo’s Hi-Fi

Saturday 8th May:
Machinista Club @ Glasgow School of Art
22:30 – 03:00, £4 < 0:00 > £7/6

Sounds and Art from the Machine in 3 clubs:

Eskrima – experimental electronica in the Main Hall featuring:
Solar X & EPS (RU) :
Russia’s premier electronic musician & the country’s leading VJ
ap02 (UK) :
baroque modular AV performance by self-coding hardware network

Screenings : 
(UK) :
manipulated sonic visualisations of hidden online data flows
TelcoSystems (NL) :
algorhythmically-generated audiovisual organics

Divine – in the Vic Bar
with Sci-Fi soul installations: Trails #2, ASCIIcam

The Freakmenoovers – in the Vic Gallery showcasing robotic hiphop with:
eJK (USA) : optical vinyl-to-video scratch mixing using the world famous EJ turntable- Sponsor of the Machinista Club.

Sunday 9th May:
Machinista Festival Finale @ The Arches 16:00 – 0:00, £5/4

A diverse and adventurous chillout bonanza packed with an inspiring blend of music, screenings, performances, installations and interactions.

Richair 2030 (UK/USA/TWN/RU/LAT/AUS) :
renegade rollergirls’ dancemix
Prometheus (GR) :
Yiannis Melanitis’ mythic suspension ritual with hexapod robot
Avatar Body Collision (UK/NZ/FIN/SER) :
globally dispersed cybertheatre demo
Z-Lab (FR) : multilingual cybernetic presentation showcasing miniature DIY-robots
Ablab (UK) : one-fingered musician generating florid labyrinths of sound and colour
The Inner Machine (UK) :
multiple homemade lab machines & audio-visual performance
Feedback Society (NL) :
video vortex-generation from drill-mounted wireless camera
T. Dillon + I am the Mighty Jungulator (UK) :
live self-generative AI / aLife AV mix
Rob Kennedy (UK) :
Audio to visual
24-7v2 (UK) :
Ben Dembroski’s post-industrial ping-pong system
Hell’s Angles (sic) (UK) :
Martin Parker’s sonic environment for virtual motorbikes
Foveola (UK) :
neuromorphic shape-recognition software demo

Screenings: Machinista DVD and entries from
Georg Muehleck / Barbara Rauch / Karin Krog, Gail Wight, Mark Amerika / Trace Reddell / Rick Silva, Regis Ferguson Collective, France Cadet, David H. Schwarz, Vicki Bennett (People Like Us), La lacono and Em_space.

Sound system / audio engineering by The Unit

Sunday 9th May
Sharmanka Kinetic Gallery

£4/ Conc. £3, children 4-16 – free 
Performances of kinetic sculptures (50 min) Tuesday and Thursday 7pm
Matinee for families with young children (40 min) – Sunday @ 3pm

£1 off Sharmanka tickets with a Machinista leaflet or brochure
For tourists on a short stay in Glasgow – a shorter version of
performance can be viewed at other times by appointment