Best power tools for DIY

We all have experienced some interesting home improvement adventures where mistakes were usually made because of not having some proper and essential power tools. It is a little uncomfortable when you have all those different jobs around waiting to be done and you are aware they are coming with a certain price which makes you not in the mood also spending money for some new tools. This is the main mistake which everybody does while waiting for a neighbor or friend to borrow some or even rent some. Remember, the best thing you can do is to go and buy some proper power tools if you want to do a decent DIY job. There are often some recommendations for wrong tools so here are few right ones.

Cordless drill/driver

Almost every single project you start doing around the house will require in some moment this tool. It is so essential for many projects and if you have the option to buy a percussion one don’t wait for a moment. It is lightweight while still powerful enough to drill more hard materials like brick walls. If you have the interest to pierce some harsh surfaces like concrete, then it is best to get a hammer drill. And not only it can be used for drilling holes in drywall, masonry or wood but also can be outfitted with many adapters such as hole-saws, steel-brush paint removers or screwdriver attachments. Some common projects done with this tool are hanging pictures or photos, attaching shelves and hanging curtains.


For making custom cuts in plywood or some other thin materials, jigsaw has a high power. Some of them even can be converted to a power hand-saw for cutting some more substantial pieces of lumber. For more severe workers there is a scroll saw for making more delicate cuts. There is also a circular which makes excellent solutions for quick and easy cut downs and it can be found in a cordless form which comes as a pretty handy variation. Miter saw is for individuals who will really work a lot and wouldn’t mind spending some more money to get back some finest angle(miter) and crosscuts.

Nail gun

No matter how fast you can be when hammering nails manually every nail gun will do it much faster, precisely and far easier. There are many types designed for some certain types of jobs so when choosing think about matching it with your project requirements. There is some basic house works like roofing, framing, flooring, concrete works and more delicate ones like stapling, nailing and tacking which proper type of nail gun does in no time.

Rotary tools

With various attachments for different tasks, it presents a handheld power tool. High speed, versatility, and practical size make it appealing when taking a role of some bulky power tool. You can carve, sand, buff, polish, remove rust from metal and even sharp some knives and scissors thanks to the possibility to apply outnumbering attachments such as sanding drums, polishing bits, carbide bits or wire wheels.